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CHiCO with HoneyWorks is a music group affiliated with MusicRay'n Inc., whose parent company is Sony Music Japan. The group is comprised of the band members of HoneyWorks, with vocalist CHiCO as the main singer. Debuting in August 2014 with "Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru", the group has gone on to produce ten singles and two albums over the course of their career.

CHiCO's current avatar, that of the young woman with pink and blonde ombre hair and blue eyes, was also created by HoneyWorks members, with Rocoru as the character designer and Yamako as the primary illustrator.


CHiCO with HoneyWorks often has its singles be the opening or ending themes to television shows. With the exception of Mister Darling/Gimme Gimme Call and Canele and Wolf, all of the singles have been used for anime, with even the latter being a collaboration with the Sho-Comi manga Awakoi.

Birth Edit

CHiCO's year of birth and any further information of her early life is currently unknown or not publicly revealed. Her birth was privately held, and only shown to be on a January 27.



  • Sekai wa i ni Michiteiru
  • Watashi wo Someru i no Uta


  • Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru
  • Ai no Scenario
  • Pride Kakumei
  • Koi-Iro ni Sake
  • Canele and Wolf
  • Kyou mo Sakura Mau Akatsuki ni
  • Twins
  • Nostalgic Rainfall
  • Hikari Shoumeiron
  • Mister Darling/Gimme Gimme Call

Songs specifically used in the Confession Executive Committee series:



CHiCO has never publicly displayed her appearance, with the exception on live performances. However, you can see a hint of her real appearance in the official video for Gimme Gimme Call.