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Chizuru Nakamura
HeroTaru profile Chizuru.png
Kanji 中村千鶴
Rōmaji Nakamura Chidzuru
Aliases Chizu-chan (Hiyori)
Hair color Purple
Eye color Maroon
Gender Female
Height 163 cm (5'4")
Birthday May 13 (Taurus)
Occupation High School Student
Japanese Saori Hayami
English Megan Shipman
First Appearance
Song Yume Fanfare
Manga Romeo: Prologue
Anime Heroine Taru Mono! (I Don't Understand Idols! Ep.1)

Chizuru Nakamura (中村千鶴, Nakamura Chizuru), also known as Chuu-tan, is a character in Confession Executive Committee. When introduced, she is a student of Sakuragaoka High School's Class 1-4 and one of Hiyori Suzumi's first female friends and classmates.

Song Focus[]

Main Focus
Multiple Focus: Tokyo Sunny Party


Chizuru has dark purple hair that extends to her back and maroon eyes. She uses oval-shaped, navy blue prescription glasses. She wears a modified version of the Sakuragaoka school uniform: the skirt ends just above her knees.

Personality and Actions[]

On the surface, Chizuru is a quiet introverted girl who chooses not to stand out, compared to her friends. However, underneath her shy exterior, she is obsessive and a bit neurotic. She is like an otaku, having ranted about the childhood friends to lovers trope to Hiyori when she hears about her dilemma with Nagisa.

She works at a part-time job at a maid cafe under the alias "Chuu-tan" in order to support LIP×LIP and their career. She also uses this persona when she goes out to LIP×LIP events.


Hiyori Suzumi[]

Schoolmate and friend. They eat lunch together along with Juri. At one point, the two had a fight due to Chizuru's jealousy of Hiyori being close with LIP×LIP, but seemed to have made up afterwards.

Juri Hattori[]

Schoolmate and friend.


Chizuru is a huge fan of LIP×LIP, having followed their idol activities ever since they started off with their Pocketz commercial. She is obsessive over them, especially Aizo, as she consistently stalks the two of them in and outside of school. She takes invasive photos of them whenever they're just trying to get around or live their lives. She does, however, express remorse when she realizes that she troubled them too much and backs away, presumably living her life as a more healthy fan.


  • The name Chizuru means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "crane, stork" (鶴) (tsuru/zuru).
  • Chizuru's surname Nakamura means "middle" (中) (naka) and "town, village" (村) (mura).
  • Her fan alias of Chuu-tan takes from the onomatopoeia chuu (ちゅう), typically used as a kissing sound; this can read as an allusion to her admiration for LIP×LIP and their kiss imagery. The -tan addon is a diminutive, meant to sound cutesy and young.


  • Chizuru supports LIP×LIP as a whole, but Aizo seems to be her oshi.
  • Even after she was revealed to her friends to be Chu-tan, she continues to dress up as her.