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Confession Executive Committee (告白実行委員会 Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai) is a multimedia franchise created by HoneyWorks, following a cast of young teens as they fall in love, experience the tribulations of school life, and even become entertainers on a large scale. Whether you be in it for the romance or for the idols, there's plenty of songs and books to elaborate on your favorites, and up to eight years' worth of content!

2020/01/05: The crossfade for the third compilation album and fifth studio album, Sukisugite Yabai., is now out on Youtube and Niconico! Give all the songs a listen! And that's not all: we have a preview for Hiyori Suzumi no LIP×LIP Shuzai Report!
2020/01/15: Today marks the release of Sukisugite Yabai. and the Watashi, Idol Sengen manga's official start of serialization! And what's more, one more surprise is laid out this day: in Japan, Heroine Ikusei Keikaku finally gets its own PV on Niconico and Youtube!

2020/01/31: The long-awaited seiyuu cover of Ijiwaru na Deai has now been uploaded online! If you missed out on hearing it on album, be sure to hear it now!
2020/01/23-24: The long awaited Tokyo Autumn Session PV is now available for public viewing! For those that couldn't make it to the HoneyWorks Atelier exhibit, you can still catch this PV on Niconico and Youtube!
2020/01/02: Hope you haven't been waiting too long, because we finally have a video for Ren'ai Joujyuu! Enjoy your first look into the mind of Ryou Ogino!
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2020/01/19: The 2020 HoneyWorks Premium Live Tour is now on in Fukuoka! Look forward to seeing your favorite idols and some recent and popular songs! And to anyone who was fortunate enough to catch a surprise guest appearance of ASCANA at the concert, congratulations!
2020/01/17: For mona's upcoming appearance at the Sukisugite Yabai. concert, HoneyWorks has put up a video showing some audience interaction! It may come in handy if you're planning on attending!
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