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New Songs Coming Soon!

The second FLYING SONGS album will release on August 13!

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For All Julietas Everywhere!

LIPxLIP's newest single arrives on June 22!

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Take it Home!

Volume 1 is out July 29!

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Her Own Cinderella!

The Heroine Tarumono! anime is now on air!

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Confession Executive Committee (告白実行委員会 Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai) is a multimedia franchise created by HoneyWorks, following a cast of young teens as they fall in love, experience the tribulations of school life, and even become entertainers on a large scale. Whether you be in it for the romance or for the idols, there's plenty of songs and books to elaborate on your favorites, and up to a decade's worth of content!

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2022/08/09: Kobayashi is back, and he's got another PV! Check out "Angel ni Hanataba wo", out today!
2022/07/25: Comiket 100 will introduce an illustration book of all of Full Throttle4's music videos, titled Moments01! Look out for it on August 13!
2022/07/09: Full Throttle4 LIVE 2022 "RECEPTION PARTY" is performing its one-day concert today!
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2022/07/30: "Kaiyoubi wa Chuu Day" has released its music video today! The Gero version will premiere later on August 2! In addition, "Hoka no Yatsu ni Iku Nante sa" and "Orenashi ja Ikite Ikenai?" are now both available on streaming services!
07/29/2022: The first volume of the Heroine Tarumono! anime physical releases is out today! Remember that Limited editions come with a ticket to the special event in October! The crossfade for Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai FLYING SONGS: Koishiteru is out as well, and HoneyWorks has announced a new installment in CEC's "Youbi" song series with Gero: "Kaiyoubi wa Chuu Day"!
2022/06/09: The special ending theme for the 10th episode of the Heroine Tarumono! anime is an alternate version of "Yume Fanfare", sung by Sena and Mona's seiyuu, Sora Amamiya and Shiina Asakura! Listen to it on all your favorite streaming platforms!
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2022/07/17: HoneyWorks has announced on stream a second FLYING SONGS character song album, Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai FLYING SONGS: Koishiteru! The album will release at Comiket 100 on August 13, 2022!
2022/05/26: TMK, the illustrator behind both of Koudai's music videos, will officially be joining HoneyWorks as a support member! Congratulations, TMK-san! You can find more of their work on their Pixiv, and follow them on Twitter!
2022/04/28: To celebrate the anime, a Heroine Tarumono! themed Pop-Up event shop will be held at four participating Marui stores in Japan! You'll be able to buy exclusive merchandise and illustrations of the cast, view visuals for the anime, and even participate in a lottery! For more information, see here.
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