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Confession Executive Committee (告白実行委員会 Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai) is a multimedia franchise created by HoneyWorks, following a cast of young teens as they fall in love, experience the tribulations of school life, and even become entertainers on a large scale. Whether you be in it for the romance or for the idols, there's plenty of songs and books to elaborate on your favorites, and up to a decade's worth of content!


Keep up with the latest releases and PVs of the series.

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A New Anime!

Hiyori's character arc will come to TV in 2022!

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2 Years Later...

See a brand new Tokyo Summer Session this September!

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Upcoming manga

Volume 1 coming July 30!

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2021/11/10: It's finally here! After ten long years of all their journeys, we get to see 3-2 tie the knot! Follow them in the final "Tokyo Session" song, "Tokyo Spring Session"!
2021/10/25: Two old Love Series songs have the chance to get an MV after over half a decade! "Sankaku Jealousy" and "Terekakushi Kinenbi are in votes for HoneyWorks Premium Live! Do your part and give one of them a vote too!
2021/09/28: Karen Miura's story will be told! Look forward to her struggles and bonds in Misuzu High School with Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu: Otome-domo yo., coming this year on December 1!
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2021/10/22: LIP×LIP and mona are making major appearances at HoneyWorks' next major concert, Winter Illumination 2021-2022! You can catch them, the HoneyWorks band, and CHiCO with HoneyWorks at Toubu Zoo Park in Saitama anywhere between November 20, 2021 and February 13, 2022! See here for more information.
2021/09/25: The character "Chuu-tan" has her second song out today! Take a look at "Oshi★Goto", sung by Capi!
2021/08/25: #Namae Dake wo Oboetette Kudasai is now officially out for purchase!
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2021/08/29: The winner of the Character Poll, Yujiro Someya, has his 1st place character song revealed to the public today! Please enjoy "Hoka no Yatsu ni Iku Nante sa"!
2021/08/28: Happy 8/28! "Heroine Taru Mono!" will be getting an anime adaptation in 2022, the results of the 10th anniversary Character Poll has been released, and Full Throttle4 is slated for their own character album in Winter 2021! In addition, the Tokyo Summer Session light novel has its own sequel, releasing in September!
2021/03/26: Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai FLYING SONGS: Aishiteru is now available for purchase!
2021/03/14: The crossfade for FLYING SONGS is out! Take an early look at some new and exciting songs!
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