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The Confession Executive Committee ~Love Series~ (告白実行委員会 ~恋愛シリーズ Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai ~Ren'ai Series), is a multi medium franchise created by HoneyWorks, detailing the romantic arcs of a group of students in Sakuragaoka High School. As of current, there are more than ten different love stories to tell, plenty of songs and books to elaborate on them, and up to seven years' worth of content!

2019/01/14: Yappa Saikyou!, the theme song of the 2019 Commercial Food High school Grand Prix, now has a PV! Want to see the origins of LIP×LIP? Now's your chance!
2019/01/25: Be on the lookout for the NHK Music Time interview with HoneyWorks at 21:50 (JST)! It might give off some interesting information!
2019/02/05: A Confession Executive Committee themed play has been announced! The play, 70-oku Bun no 1 no Koi, is announced for March 6! Check out the website here.
2019/02/19: Check out Virtual Johnny's project, who have just launched the virtual idols Asuka Kaido and Kanata Nichigoya! They had a cameo in Yappa Saikyou!, so check them out when you can!
2019/02/22: Minami, the singer and protagonist of Chiisana Lion, is back for another Y!Mobile collaboration song, and the prequel song to a series of live action mini dramas! Check out "Kokuhaku Shitemo ii Desu ka?", the "Episode 0" of Parallel School Days!
2019/03/06: The opening day for 70-oku Bun no 1 no Koi has arrived! Catch it when you can, if you can!
2019/03/12: Breaking news from HoneyWorks! Rocoru, longtime support illustrator of the circle and an illustrator for much of the Confession Executive Committee series since their official introduction in 2013, has announced that they are graduating from the circle! Their contributions to the team over the years, as well as their current works, are much appreciated! We'll miss you, Rocoru!
2019/03/15: Minami has a new PV! The song, Bae Love, also coincides with his debut as a Virtual Youtuber!
2019/04/07: Be on the lookout for a new CEC music video in the coming future!
2019/04/19: CHiCO with HoneyWorks and Momo Asakura (Hina Setoguchi) are contributing opening and ending themes to the anime adaptation of O Maidens in Your Savage Season! The singles' release dates are TBD.
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2019/01/16: LIP×LIP's first major album, Docchi no kiss ka, Erabe yo., goes on sale! Reflect back on the last two years of this duo's songs with this album!
2019/01/21 - 01/27: A special campaign will be going on for the 2019 Commercial High School Food Grand Prix! Lucky fans will be able to get a special visual drawn by Yamako when scanning a particular set of QR codes! Click on the site for more!
2019/02/11 & 02/17: LIP×LIP's first major concert, "first kiss" ~Docchi no Kiss ka, Erabe yo.~, will be going live! The first showing is in Osaka, while the second is in Tokyo. Don't miss out!
2019/03/25: A special live performance will be held sponsored by Yahoo!Mobile featuring Minami and the Y!Mobile Smartphone Division!
2019/01/22: Rodeo has a brand new PV up illustrated by Ryuusee! Enjoy an action packed and fun music video!
2019/01/23: Minami comes back for another collaboration!
2019/02/14: LIP×LIP sends all of their Julietas a special gift this Valentine's Day! Check out the PV for Choco Kano when you're able!
2019/02/19: Check out the PV for Fiancé on Youtube and Niconico!
2019/03/25: Today marks the Minami/LIPxLIP collaboration! Be sure to check out their special live performance at Zepp Tokyo! More information about the special performance is available here.
2019/04/16: For the many people who weren't able to attend the 2019 Commercial High School Food Grand Prix, here's a little taste of what it was like! The opening movie for the event, set to Yappa Saikyou!, is now officially available on Youtube! Watch it here.
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