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Do you have any regret about your first love?
Even if it's drawn beautifully, it's still just your picture book of a first love.

Hatsukoi no Ehon is the third song of the Confession Executive Committee ~Love Series~, focusing on Miou Aida and her romantically unfulfilled high school relationship with Haruki Serizawa. This song and its PV are the first of the song series to be uploaded on Niconico.

The song makes its first commercial appearance on the HoneyWorks Vocaloid album Hatsukoi Note.


The song presents itself as a flashback to Miou's high school days. Here, we learn that she first saw Haruki when he was shouting at one of his classmates down the hall, making a ruckus enough for a teacher to step in. It was at that point when she started to take interest in him, but it wasn't quite love yet. That would come later, when the class notice that the two have become rather close, and tease them about possible crushes on one another. Even though Haruki is somewhat aloof to her, she still has an inkling that he likes her, and is happy about her circumstances.
When they sit together on the steps outside, they ask each other if they have a person they like, and both answer affirmatively, but never say who their favored person is. She ponders about their relationship when she gets back home, wondering if he likes her or not. In the present, Miou-as-narrator curses her own cowardice, saying that if she had pressed a bit further or had been more honest with herself, she probably would have gotten him.
In the last parts of the song, she reveals that she's an adult now, with her high school years gone and passed by. She doesn't regret falling in love with Haruki, seeing him as a treasured first love, but considers putting her past behind her. She never mentions seeing him again after high school, but it's not until later that we find out why.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
出会ったのはいつだっけ? deatta no wa itsu dakke?
何年前の春だっけ? nannen mae no haru dakke?
廊下ではしゃいで怒られてる人 rouka de hashaide okorareteru hito

クラスは離れてたけど kurasu wa hanareteta kedo
何かと目立ってましたよ 君は nanikato medatte mashita yo kimi wa

話したのはいつだっけ? hanashita no wa itsu dakke?
声をかけてくれたんだっけ? koe o kakete kuretan dakke?
いつの間にかくだらない話して itsu no ma ni ka kudaranai hanashi shite

冷やかされちゃって変な距離感 hiyakasarechatte henna kyorikan
君は素気ないけど kimi wa sokke nai kedo
でもね 知ってた demo ne shitteta

残り10cmの勇気があったなら nokori juu senchi no yūki ga atta nara
“未来” きょう が変わってたのかな “kyou” ga kawatteta no kana
もっと私単純バカで素直なら motto watashi tanjun bakka de sunao nara
掴んでた はずなの! tsukandeta hazu nano!

好きなの! 好きでしょ? suki nano! suki desho?
ポジティブ系の意気地なし・・・ pojitibu kei no ikuji nashi…

今も思い出すの ima mo omoidasu no
このページも あの時のページも kono pēji mo ano toki no pēji mo
私の初恋でした watashi no hatsukoi deshita

「秘密だよ」 “himitsu da yo”

君の長い物語の中に私 kimi no nagai monogatari no naka ni watashi
少しでもいられたかな sukoshi demo irareta kana
君と私の物語が少しだけ kimi to watashi no monogatari ga sukoshi dake
重なってたはずなの! kasanatteta hazu nano!

今はもう子供じゃないけれど ima wa mou kodomo ja nai keredo
素敵な 恋と思い出の本を閉じたら鍵をかけて suteki na koi to omoide no hon o tojitara kagi o kakete

残り10cmの勇気があったなら nokori juu senchi no yūki ga atta nara



  • The PV of the arrangement version replaces Miou and Haruki with GUMI and a nameless boy.
  • The original upload of this song made it into the Vocaloid Hall of Fame on Niconico, with over 900,000 views as of 2018.
  • The seventh anniversary image and its counterpart were previously seen in other HoneyWorks products; both originated as birthday images for Haruki and Miou, but the Miou version was updated and publicly released as the main visual for HoneyWorks' cover of "Chiisana Koi no Uta".


  • First appearances of Miou Aida and Haruki Serizawa
  • First Confession Executive Committee song to use GUMI as a vocal
  • First chronologically uploaded song