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Hating everything is just boring.

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"Heart no Shuchou" is an Arisa Takamizawa character song, detailing her middle school experience with a friend in her class, Karen Miura[1]. It is listed as the eighteenth original song of the Love Series on the official webpage, and the eighteenth song released digitally for Confession Executive Committee as a whole.

The song was first featured on the CHiCO with HoneyWorks album Sekai wa i ni Michiteiru, and later given a version using Arisa Takamizawa's seiyuu on the second CEC compilation album Nando Datte, Suki. ~Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai~.

In 2018, this song and "Ijiwaru na Deai" received a sequel in the form of "Namaiki Honey". A sequel from Karen's perspective was later seen in the PV for "Otome-domo yo."

The song was adapted into the seventh Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu light novel, Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu: Heart no Shuchou.


In the beginning of the video, Karen is being isolated by her classmates, feeling alone and afraid. Arisa comes up to her to talk, but her classmates gossip behind her back, making Arisa stop out of peer pressure. When Karen begins to cry, Arisa runs to the rooftop to shed some tears of her own out of guilt and empathy, cursing her weakness and inability to help her friend. From afar, we see Ken keeping an eye out for her at lunch break.
Later on, inspired by watching Sena on TV saying that she doesn't want to give in to peer pressure, Arisa changes her hairstyle and goes into school shouting out that her friend could not let things go on as they were. Karen feels better about herself, and both are happy that she said something.
Suddenly, the class isolation turns from Karen to Arisa, mocking Arisa and judging her for coming in differently, and implicitly because she was the only one that visibly stood up for her friend. Karen, like Arisa before, becomes pressured by their classmates' comments and she ends up joining in their bullying, walking away from Arisa, in turn becoming like the rest of their classmates. Seeing Arisa miserable, Ken asks Kotaro to keep an eye out for her, which he does when stays back and helps clean her desk. Arisa stumbles in as he's cleaning, leading her to strike a friendship with him.
By the end, the scene cuts to beginning of her first year of high school, where she first meets Ken in Ijiwaru na Deai, ending with her dismissing his advances.


Japanese Romaji
壊れてた優しさが涙を流してる kowareteta yasashisa ga namida o nagashiteru
どうして言えなかったのかな doushite ienakatta no kana

「嫌いだわ」指差し誰かが笑う "kirai da wa" yubisashi dareka ga warau
狙われた的はうつむいた nerawareta mato wa utsumuita
合わせてた悪口ため息ばかり awaseteta waruguchi tameiki bakari
あっちにこっちに頷いて atchi ni kotchi ni unazuite

どれほどの痛み超えて大人になるの? dore hodo no itami koete otona ni naru no?
傷ついて震えてる kizutsuite furueteru

隠したハートの高鳴りが kakushita haato no takanari ga
伝えたかった言葉 tsutaetakatta kotoba
弱くて怖くて逃げる yowakute kowakute nigeru
壊れてた優しさが涙を流してる kowareteta yasashisa ga namida o nagashiteru
どうして言えなかったのかな doushite ienakatta no kana

テレビから聞こえた誰かのセリフ terebi kara kikoeta dareka no serifu
「嫌ってばかりじゃつまんない」 "kiratte bakari ja tsumannai"
好きな事好きなもの引っ張り出して suki na koto suki na mono hippari dashite
迷いと不満を脱ぎ捨てた mayoi to fuman o nugisuteta

教室のドアを開けて大きな声で kyoushitsu no doa o akete ookina koe de
「このままじゃダメだって」 "kono mama ja dame datte"

溢れたハートの泣き声は afureta haato no nakigoe wa
空回ってるかもね karamawatteru kamo ne
それでも誰かに届け soredemo dareka ni todoke
壊れてた優しさにおかえりって微笑む kowareteta yasashisa ni okaeri tte hohoemu
後悔はないけど・・・ないけど・・・ koukai wa nai kedo... nai kedo...

やっぱりこうなる気はしてた yappari kou naru ki wa shiteta
標的が変わり独りぼっち hyouteki ga kawari hitoribotchi
私だけが世界に居ない watashi dake ga koko ni inai

でもなんだか不思議と怖くない demo nandaka fushigi to kowaku nai
今の私は嫌いじゃない ima no watashi wa kirai ja nai
うつむくのは今日まででいいや utsumuku no wa kyou made de ii ya

どれほどの痛み超えて大人になるの? dore hodo no itami koete otona ni naru no?
ねぇ誰か教えてよ nee dareka oshiete yo

リアルなハートを詰め込めば riaru na haato o tsumekomeba
受け止めてくれるの? uketomete kureru no?
誰かを信じていたい dareka o shinjite itai
壊れてた優しさがありがとうって微笑む kowareteta yasashisa ga arigatou tte hohoemu
なれない言葉に照れるんだ narenai kotoba ni tereru nda

助走始める準備はOK? josou hajimeru junbi wa OK?
振り向かないで信じる方へ furimukanaide shinjiru hou e
新しい出会いがある atarashii deai ga aru

My broken kindness is shedding tears.
Why couldn't I say it?

“I hate her,” someone points their finger and laughs.
The target they were aiming at hung her head
while they just slander and sigh
and nod to one another.

How much pain do we go through to grow up?
Hurting, she trembles.

I hid the words the rising beat
of my heart wanted to tell.
Weak and scared, I flee.
My broken kindness is shedding tears.
Why couldn't I say it?

I heard someone on the television say,
“It gets boring if all you do is hate.”
I pulled out the things I like and want to do
and threw away indecision and dissatisfaction.

I opened the classroom door and said in a loud voice,
“This has to stop, I say!”

The cries bursting out of my heart
might not take me anywhere.
Even so, let them reach someone.
I welcome back my broken kindness with a smile.
I have no regrets, but … I don't, but …

I thought it would turn out like this.
The target has changed and is all alone.
I'm the only one not present in this world.

But somehow, strangely, I'm not scared.
I don't dislike how I am right now.
I've had enough of hanging my head down.

How much pain do we go through to grow up?
Please, someone, tell me!

If I put my real heart into it,
will you accept what I say?
I want to trust someone.
My broken kindness says thank you with a smile.
I feel shy about words I'm not used to saying.

Am I ready? I start to run the race
in the direction I believe in without looking back.
New encounters await.

Translation by ElectricRaichu




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