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Hiyori Suzumi
HeroTaru profile Hiyori.png
Kanji 涼海ひより
Rōmaji Suzumi Hiyori
Aliases Imo-Onna/Potato Girl (Aizo)
Hiyoko (Mayu Uchida)
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Dark Brown
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 150cm
Blood type O
Birthday March 31
Relationship(s) Minoru Suzumi (younger brother)
Sora Suzumi (younger brother)
Saho Suzumi (younger sister)
Naho Suzumi (younger sister)
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Occupation High school student
Track and Field Club member
Idol Manager
Japanese Inori Minase
English Sarah Wiedenheft
First Appearance
Song Koi-Iro ni Sake
Anime Kono Sekai no Tanoshimikata ~Secret Story Film~

Hiyori Suzumi (涼海ひより, Suzumi Hiyori) is a character featured in Confession Executive Committee. She is a first year high school student attending Sakuragaoka High School when first introduced, and the heroine of the Heroine Taru Mono! anime.


Main Focus
Multiple Focus: Tokyo Sunny Party


Hiyori is a fairly young looking girl, with short dark brown messy hair and large dark brown eyes. Hiyori's eyebrows are notably thicker and bushier than the rest of the female cast.
From Heroine Ikusei Keikaku, she receives a makeover before going to meet up with Asuka. After the makeover, her messy hair was neatened up, with her bangs shortened and had the overall image of being silkier and more typically feminine. Her eyebrows were also trimmed.
Outside of school, Hiyori wears sporty clothes such as snug fit hoods and shorts.

Personality and Hobbies[]


Being from a small town, Hiyori isn't quite used to city living and is very interested in what Tokyo offers. From initial media, she seems to be an optimistic girl with a somewhat naive personality, and gets lost very easily. She also doesn't seem to be culturally aware, given that she doesn't recognize the LIP×LIP duo or ASCANA despite them being popular singers, especially with girls her age.
She's a kind but meddlesome person, trying to mediate the conflict between Yujiro and Aizo because she thinks she made them angry, but doesn't know the reason why they're mad. Officially, she is described as energetic and a bit "my-pace", but her greatest strength is her ability to see things through and face things head-on. Yujiro tends to call her behavior "reckless" as she is not hesitant to put herself in danger when doing the right thing (i.e. trying to calm the fight between Yujiro and his seniors, spraining her ankle when tackling a thief at one of LIP×LIP's events before he could get away, or putting pressure on her hurt foot to continue doing her manager job).
Hiyori however has her insecurities as well. She's of the opinion that she's not the protagonist of her own life, or at-the-moment capable of being loved and pampered like a fiction heroine. She at times fantasizes about being swept off her feet by a handsome and kind boy, but decides that it'd never happen to her until she met Asuka. She is also shown to be insecure about her sense of fashion and femininity, and sometimes seeks the advice of friends to learn how to be more stylish.


She was on the Track and Field team in her old middle school, and continues to run as part of Sakuragaoka's Track and Field club. She later becomes the manager of LIP×LIP. She also shows interest in the gardening club that her beloved senior is a part of.



A fellow student of Sakuragaoka and a classmate in 1-4. Hiyori first notices him when he's being scolded by his manager at the police station, but she doesn't actually make contact with him until they talk in school. At first finding him a charming person when they initially talk, she later finds that he can be mean to her as well, which shocks her. She later becomes his and Aizo's Manager. Despite initially not liking Hiyori, LIP×LIP end up growing closer to their manager. Yujiro is the one to suggest letting her continue as an apprentice manager after Hiyori asks to continue, not knowing Manager Uchida already had a contract ready. He and Aizo helped Hiyori prepare for her confession in "Heroine Development Plan". When Asuka rejects her, Yujiro is the one that comforts her and wipes her tears with her coat sleeve. Conversely, in Heroine Taru Mono!, Yujiro is the one who encourages her to accept Nagisa's feelings as he believed he would be perfect for her. But despite being on better terms, Yujiro and Hiyori are quick to argue when she interferes with his business or is reckless.


A fellow student of Sakuragaoka and a classmate in 1-4. Aizo treats the girl roughly upon their first meeting, mockingly calling her a hick and telling her to stay out of his and Yujiro's business. Much to Aizo's initial disdain, Hiyori becomes LIP×LIP's manger apprentice. Despite initially not liking Hiyori, LIP×LIP end up growing closer to her. He and Yujiro even ended up helping Hiyori prepare for her confession in "Heroine Development Plan". In Heroine Taru Mono!, Aizo told Hiyori that she should follow her heart when Nagisa confessed to her, believing that the two would be good together but ultimately supporting whatever she decided. Despite teasing her, Aizo enjoys spending time with Hiyori and Yujiro, showing up to the New Years shrine to meet Hiyori and then take her to get Yujiro even though he never responded to her invitation.

Asuka Kaido[]

In Heroine Ikusei Keikaku, he is the initial subject of Hiyori's affections. Hiyori sees him as the exact type of "prince" character she envisions in her romantic fantasies, and strives to become more of a "proper heroine" in order to catch his eye. She wanted to confess to him, but is interrupted by Yujiro and Aizo before she could, since doing so while acting as their manager would spell obvious media trouble. Hiyori eventually gets the chance to tell him her feelings and while Asuka appreciates them, does not reciprocate as he is trying to "reach the same dream as those two" (to become an idol) with Kanata. Hiyori smiles and says that she will become a fan, and they part on good terms.

Hina Setoguchi[]

Hiyori's upperclassman in Sakuragaoka by one year. Hiyori first met Hina when she got lost looking for the hall for first years, with Hina empathizing with her and pointing her in the right direction. She also plays a "reliable upperclassman" role for Hiyori both as a student and as her senior in the Track and Field club. Hina is very great friend to Hiyori and tries to make sure she is okay by sharing her lunch or forcing Hiyori to take breaks from running when she is hurt. It is Hiyori's wish to eat crepes with Hina after school.

Nagisa Shiranami[]

A former classmate from middle school, and a fellow member of their track and field team. Hiyori has known Nagisa since they were children, and sees him as a treasured friend. She defended him from bullies when they were in elementary school and the two had been close ever since.
Hiyori holds Nagisa in a high regard, and his words about her not looking good in dresses, while coming from a place of boyish embarassment, were part of the reason why she held off on dressing more femininely in the present. However, she was always oblivious to his feelings, and when he confessed to her she had to seriously think about how she felt. She turns him down but leaves the possibility of them dating in the future, as she wants to focus on track and her management job.

Juri Hattori[]

Schoolmate and friend. They met on the second day of school after Hiyori was unable to buy any bread as they were sold out. Juri offered to share her sandwich with her and invited Hiyori to eat with her.

Chizuru Nakamura[]

Schoolmate and friend. They eat lunch together along with Juri. At one point, the two had a fight due to Chizuru's jealousy of Hiyori being close with LIP×LIP, but seemed to have made up afterwards.

Rei Tamura[]

Hiyori's boss. She saw potential in her as a hard-worker and appreciates her efforts.

Mayu Uchida[]

Hiyori's other trainer manager. Mayu is affectionate with Hiyori, liking how she isn't afraid to be herself or stand up for herself. She appreciates her efforts as a manager-in-training. Despite this, she continues to call her "Hiyoko".


  • Hiyori's surname Suzumi means "cool, refreshing" (涼) (suzu) and "sea, ocean" (海) (mi).
  • Hiyoko (雛), Mayu Uchida's "nickname" for her, means "young bird, chick"
  • The use of "Potato" (imo) (芋) in Aizo's nickname for her is often used as a means of mocking countryfolk.


  • While Hiyori was in development, Yamako used "Imoko" (芋子) as a placeholder name for her. [1]
  • At first, Hiyori's seating in school is directly between Aizo and Yujiro's desks - Aizo sitting in front of her, Yujiro behind her. After they change seats, she still can't get away from them as she still sits between them, this time one on each side.
  • In the desktop version of HoneyWorks's CEC webpage, Hiyori's initial official profile was the only one to not include a character image. Her mobile profile and later profile, however, do include character images.
  • Unlike most of the female cast who use watashi or atashi as their personal pronoun, Hiyori uses the personal pronoun uchi (内/うち) to refer to herself.
  • Hiyori and Yujiro share a morning path. While Hiyori uses it for morning jogs, Yujiro uses it to walk his dog. Yujiro is aware of this, having seen Hiyori running and using her as inspiration to try as well. Hiyori, however, hasn't seemed to notice.
  • Hiyori has never ridden on a plane and did not bring her passport to Tokyo.
  • Aizo, Hiyori, and Yujiro often eat and go home together.
  • Hiyori is one in a family of five siblings. This makes her the character with the biggest family, putting out Sota Mochizuki (who is in a sibling group of three).


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