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Hiyori Suzumi (海 ひより, Suzumi Hiyori) is a character featured in the Confession Executive Committee ~Love Series~. She is a first year high school student at Sakuragaoka High School during Class 1-1's second year of schooling.

Hiyori Suzumi
Hiyori 2
Kanji 海 ひより
Rōmaji Suzumi Hiyori
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 150cm
Birthday March 31
Occupation High school student
Japanese Inori Minase
First Appearance
Song Koi-Iro ni Sake

Songs Edit

Main Focus

Non-Singing: Nonfantasy

Multiple Focus:


Hiyori looks fairly young, with her short messy haircut and her large eyes. Unlike a lot of the female cast, she has noticeably thicker and bushier eyebrows.
Hiyori wears sporty clothes such as snug fit hoods and shorts.

Personality and Hobbies Edit

Being from a small town, Hiyori isn't quite used to city living and is very interested in what Tokyo offers. From initial media, she seems to be an optimistic girl with a somewhat naive personality, and gets lost very easily. She also doesn't seem to be culturally aware, given that she doesn't recognize the LIP×LIP duo despite them being popular singers, especially with girls her age.
She's a kind but meddlesome person, trying to mediate the conflict between Yujiro and Aizo because she thinks she made them angry, but doesn't know the reason why they're mad.

Hobbies Edit

As shown in Romeo: Prologue, she was on the Track and Field team in her old school. She seems to want to continue that practice, given her running shoes have specific focus in the comic as well.

Relationships Edit

Yujiro Edit

Attends Class 1-4 with her. Hiyori first notices him when he's being scolded by his manager at the police station, but she doesn't actually make contact with him until they talk in school. At first finding him a charming person when they intially talk, she later finds that he can be mean to her as well, which shocks her.

Aizo Edit

In Class 1-4 with her. Aizou treats the girl roughly upon their first meeting, mockingly calling her a hick and telling her to stay out of his and Yujiro's business.


  • Hiyori's seating in school is directly between Aizo and Yujiro's desks.
  • As of 2018, Hiyori is one of three focus characters to not have their seiyuu sing a song in the franchise (the others being Ken Shibasaki and Kodai Yamamoto).