Because those who enjoy the “love” (game), win.

—Author's comment

Ijiwaru na Deai is the fifteenth original song in the Confession Executive Committee ~Love Series~, depicting Ken Shibasaki and his pursuit of fellow first year and classmate Arisa Takamizawa.

The song first appeared on CD with the third HoneyWorks studio album, Suki ni Naru Sono Shunkan wo., albeit sung by sana.

In 2018, this song and Heart no Shuchou received a sequel in the form of Namaiki Honey.


Ken Shibasaki is a devil-may-care kind of boy, always liking to pay around with his friends and his girls. He hints that this wasn't always the case, as we see him as a crybaby child in elementary school, prompting him to change into the carefree boy he is now. He usually gets what he wants out of his interactions with others, except for one person-- Arisa, who questions if he finds his constant messing around boring. Waving her off with a smile, he pretends like he doesn't know what she's talking about, but secretly takes her words to heart.
For the rest of the song he switches between thinking about her words while with his friends, which irritates him, and trying to cozy up to Arisa, which she rebuffs. His fixation on her only grows throughout the year, always talking with her and getting her to respond in kind, and obtaining her contact number. One time she even holds back laughter talking with him, showing that she does have feelings for him.
The day he finally falls in love with her is when he offers her his textbook when she forgot it at home. Smiling for the first time to him, she gives her thanks, but rejects his offer. He gives an honest laugh and finally allows himself to be serious about her.
He confesses to her at the steps to her shrine, saying that he's truly serious about his feelings for her, but she walks past him without saying anything. The following day he starts breaking off engagements with the girls he's seeing, and tries to let them down gently. Unfortunately Arisa is right behind the wall, and leaves heartbroken, mistaking his conversation for more flirting and thinking that he was messing around with her the whole time.


Japanese Romaji
いつも心揺らす君の言葉はチクチクで Itsumo kokoro yurasu kimi no kotoba wa chikuchiku de
優しさ詰め込んで少しイジワルなんだ Yasashisa tsumekonde sukoshi ijiwaru nanda

感情なんて簡単に操って Kanjou nante kantan ni ayatsutte
泣き虫な過去に少し笑って見せた Nakimushi na kako ni sukoshi waratte miseta

本気になんてならないよ?だってそうじゃん Honki ni nante naranai yo? Datte sou jan
楽しんだ人が勝てる“恋愛(ゲーム)”なんだから Tanoshinda hito ga kateru “geemu” nan dakara

いつでも同じ様なセリフ選択して Itsudemo onaji you na serifu sentaku shite
全部うまくいくはずなのに Zenbu umaku iku hazu nanoni

君は突然言い放った Kimi wa totsuzen iihanatta
「きっとそれじゃ“つまんない”」って "Kitto sore ja “tsumannai”" tte
気づかない振りして笑っていた Kizukanai furi shite waratte ita

僕の心揺らす君の言葉はチクチクで Boku no kokoro yurasu kimi no kotoba wa chikuchiku de
優しさ詰め込んで少しイジワルなんだ Yasashisa tsumekonde sukoshi ijiwaru nanda

懲りずに今日もセリフで挑んでみる Korizu ni kyou mo serifu de idonde miru
不機嫌に君は口を膨らませてる Fukigen ni kimi wa kuchi wo fukuramaseteru

毎日「かける言葉と理由」検索ゼロ Mainichi "kakeru kotoba to riyuu" kensaku zero
慣れないアドリブできなくて Narenai adoribu dekinakute

君は一瞬クスっとして Kimi wa isshun kusutto shite
そっぽ向いて「ありがとう」って soppo muite "arigatou" tte
気づかないフリした恋に出会う Kizukanai furi shita koi ni deau

いつも心乱す君の言葉はチクチクで Itsumo kokoro midasu kimi no kotoba wa chikuchiku de
優しさ詰め込んだ少し苦めの薬 Yasashisa tsumekonda sukoshi nigame no kusuri

君の心揺らす僕の言葉はありますか? Kimi no kokoro yurasu boku no kotoba wa arimasu ka?
心の片隅に僕がいるなら… Kokoro no katasumi ni boku ga iru nara…

君の心揺らせ僕の言葉で引き寄せて Kimi no kokoro yurase boku no kotoba de hikiyosete
本気を詰め込んだ少し真面目な愛で Honki wo tsumekonda sukoshi majime na ai de

僕の心揺らす Boku no kokoro yurasu
優しさ詰め込んで少しイジワルなんだ Yasashisa tsumekonde sukoshi ijiwaru nanda



  • Part of the Ima Suki ni Naru. voiced comic can be seen during the musical intermission.
  • This marks the first PV appearances of Ken Shibasaki and Arisa Takamizawa.