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Kodai Yamamoto
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Kanji 山本 幸大
Rōmaji Yamamoto Kōdai
Aliases Kou-chan (Juri)
Hair color Black
Eye color Grey
Height 172 cm (5'8")
Blood type A
Birthday November 7th (Scorpio)
Relationship(s) Juri Hattori (girlfriend)
Occupation High School Student, Newspaper Club member
Japanese Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
English Anthony Bowling
First Appearance
Song Ijiwaru na Deai
Anime Suki ni Naru Sono Shunkan wo. ~Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai~

Kodai Yamamoto (山本 幸大 Yamamoto Koudai) is a character featured in Confession Executive Committee, and a secondary character in the Love Series. He is a Sakuragaoka High School student in Class 1-1, and a friend and member of the "Idiot Trio" consisting of himself, Kotaro Enomoto, and Ken Shibasaki.


Main Focus
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Kodai is a tall high school boy. He has short, black hair that sticks up in two pieces at the top and bottom, with asymmetrical bangs cut above his forehead that are parted in the middle. He wears his school uniform blazer open and shirt tucked in.

Personality and Actions[]

Of the "Idiot Trio" consisting of Ken, Kotaro, and himself, Kodai is by far the most levelheaded member. He's not one to lose his head over minor inconveniences, but does make his anger and displeasure known in subtle ways, such as a change of tone or sarcasm. Otherwise he's quiet and out of the way, watching everyone from the sidelines. He has a calm personality.
In addition, he's attentive and willing to hear his friends and others out. Whenever Ken or Kotaro have the chance to talk to him alone, they always end up spilling out their thoughts, and he's ready to provide support or an answer to their worries. 


He likes to read in his spare time, and is never seen without a book in his hand. He also seems to love photography, given that he has a whole lab of camera equipment and takes pictures of the cast on occasion.


Kotaro Enomoto[]

Friend since middle school and classmate in Sakuragaoka. Often seeks advice about his various circumstances, so Kodai gives off his perception of things and gives him advice as he needs it.

Ken Shibasaki[]

Friend since middle school and classmate in Sakuragaoka. Ken likes to pester him about various subjects, but Kodai always rebuffs him or ignores any attempt to get under his skin. He does seem curious about Ken's serious moments or quizzical reactions when he's somber, but doesn't press further into the matter.

Arisa Takamizawa[]

In the same friend group. They don't talk very often, but they are acquaintances.

Hina Setoguchi[]

An acquaintance. Kodai knows about Kotaro's crush on her.

Natsuki Enomoto[]

His upperclassman in Sakuragaoka and his first love. Kodai first met Natsuki in middle school during a visit to Kotaro's house, and Natsuki's easygoing nature endeared her to him. He develops a habit of talking photos of her class and especially her, collecting them into a photobook he intends to give her for her graduation. While he acknlowledges his love for Natsuki, he is also well aware that she has other people crushing on her as well, and is jealous of their ability to make her smile. By the time she exits Sakuragaoka, Kodai is never able to confess his feelings.

Juri Hattori[]

An underclassman in Sakuragaoka. The two of them met at a café that Kodai worked in, where Juri ranted about her stress to him-- unaware of the fact that he went to the same school as her. Once they met in school, she began avoiding him and the café, feeling embarrassed, but after a while she returned and they started talking more. Eventually, they started dating.


  • The name Koudai means "happiness, fortune" (幸) (kou) and "big, great" (大) (dai).
  • Kodai's surname Yamamoto means "mountain, hill" (山) (yama) and "base, source" (本) (moto).


  • Kodai is the fourth tallest male cast member at 172 cm after Minami (175 cm), Yu Setoguchi  (178 cm), and Saku Akechi (183 cm), and the tallest character of both genders from the 1-1 group.
  • Up until 2020, Kodai was the only character to not receive either an image song or a singing role in a group song.
  • Kodai is one of three people who regularly wore glasses in the main cast, including Koyuki Ayase (although he switches to contacts later), and Chizuru Nakamura.