Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu is the first song in the Confession Executive Committee ~Love Series~, and the second uploaded song on HoneyWorks' Niconico account. It focuses on Natsuki Enomoto and Yu Setoguchi as Natsuki prepares to confess her romantic feelings to Yu.

The original version of this song has been featured in the Vocaloid Hall of Legends since May 2015.

Synopsis Edit

Natsuki finally finds the courage to confess to her childhood friend and schoolmate Yu after years of harboring a crush on him, but chickens out at the last second. In order to save face, she decides to frame it as a "practice confession" for a person she likes, but she doesn't reveal who it is. Asking for Yu's cooperation to help her properly confess, she gets another shot at telling him her feelings.
She resolves to do it for real the following day, and asks him to meet him after class to confess one final time. She tells him how much he means to her, apologizing for lying about the "practice confessions" and asks him not to make her say any more than what she just poured out. Much like the first time, she's embarrassed, but she manages to get her feelings out openly and honestly; and much to her surprise, Yu feels the same way. The pair begin dating immediately afterwards.


Japanese (日本語歌詞)
Romaji (ローマ字)
「いきなりでごめんね ずっと前から好きでした」
"ikinari de gomen ne zutto maekara suki deshita"
ドキドキ 胸の音 君に聞こえてないかな?
dokidoki mune no oto kimi ni kikoete nai kana?

コクハク 予行練習 「本気と思った?」 なんてね
kokuhaku yokou renshuu "honki to omotta?" Nante ne
かわいい? ドキッとした? そんな顔で 見ないでよ
kawaii? dokittoshita? sonna kao de minaide yo

本気になるよ!? なんて 嘘をつかないで!! やめてよ
honki ni naru yo!? nante uso o tsukanaide! ! yamete yo
そうだ今日は ちょっとだけ 寄り道して 帰ろうよ?
sou da kyou wa chotto dake yorimichi shite kaerou yo?

明日には 伝えるね 私の好きな人
ashita ni wa tsutaeru ne watashi no suki na hito
応援してよね 約束して
ooen shite yo ne yakusoku shite

私のわがままを 明日だけ聞いてくれる?
watashi no wagamama o ashita dake kiite kureru?
少し大人になった この心のわがままを
sukoshi otona ni natta kono kokoro no wagamama o

本気になってよ 練習なんて
honki ni natte yo renshuu nante
usotsuki kokoro o miyabutte

占い 結果良好 いつも気にしない くせにね
uranai kekka ryoukou itsumo ki ni shinai kuse ni ne
今日くらい いいでしょ? 女の子にならせてよ
kyou kurai ii desho? onnanoko ni narasete yo

これが最後 練習させて 言うよ! ホントの言葉
kore ga saigo renshuu sasete iu yo! honto no kotoba
kimi wa "ooen shiteru kara" tte

「嘘つきでごめんね ずっと前から好きでした」
"usotsuki de gomen ne zutto maekara suki deshita"
声震えて いても 大好きを伝えたくて
koe furuete ite mo daisuki o tsutaetakute

"kore ijou suki ni sasenaide yo"
anata wa egao de "kochira koso" tte

ドキドキ 胸の音 君に聞こえてないかな?
dokidoki mune no oto kimi ni kikoete nai kana?
ドキドキ 胸の声 君に聞こえてほしいの
dokidoki mune no koe kimi ni kikoete hoshii no

"I'm sorry if it's sudden but I've liked you for a long time"
Are you hearing the loud, fast beating of my heart, I wonder?

Haha, "You thought that was real, didn't you!" This confession rehearsal
Was it cute? Were you shocked? Don't look at me with your face like that!

Don't mess around like that! Stop it!

That's right, shall we take a bit of a detour on our way home?

Tomorrow I'm going to tell the person I like
You better support me, ok? Promise me!

Just for tomorrow, will you listen to my selfishness?
It's grown up a little bit, the selfishness of this heart

You gotta get serious, with all this practice and stuff
A lying heart will be seen right through

The fortune-telling is favorable, even though I usually don't care about these things...
For today it's fine, right? I'll make myself look like a proper girl

This is it, let me practice, I'll say it, those real words
You said "I'm cheering for you!"

"Sorry for lying, but I've liked you all this time"
Though my voice is trembling, I want to tell you I love you

"Don't make me say it anymore than this"
With a smiling face you said, "I feel the same"

Are you hearing the loud, fast beating of my heart, I wonder?

This voice inside my chest, I hope you can hear it...[1]



  • Interestingly, the timing of the confession changes from adaptation to adaptation; in the original, Ima Suki ni Naru. - Short Story, and the anime continuity, the confession takes place during the summer; the first two comics set the confession during Winter.


    • First official song of the Confession Executive Committee song series
    • First appearances of Yu Setoguchi and Natsuki Enomoto
    • First of the songs to get an adaptation

References Edit

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