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Minami (南) is a character featured in Confession Executive Committee's Idol Series. He originates from an early 2019 collaboration[1] between Ymobile and HoneyWorks, where he acts as the service's spokesperson as well as providing updates on his life as a Virtual YouTuber (as seen in Minami Channel). In universe, he's a YouTuber that does idol work on the side, and a first year high school student at Sakuragaoka High School[2].

Minami's design and character were developed by Mogelatte.

Minami transparent.png
Rōmaji Minami
Height 175 cm[3]
Blood type O
Birthday February 22 (Pisces)
Occupation YouTuber, idol (In-universe)
Virtual YouTuber (Out of Universe)
Voice Toshiyuki Toyonaga

First Appearance
Song Chiisana Lion


Main Focus
Multiple Focus: Chiisana Lion


Minami is a rather tall teenage boy with short, fine red hair and bright yellow eyes, both considered his charm points[4]. His looks were conceived with a goal of "unconventional handsomeness" [5].
He wears the Sakuragaoka uniform blazer open, with a red hoodie with a white "Y" symbol underneath instead of the standard dress shirt. In addition to several bracelets on his left wrist (which are often substituted for a red bandana), he also wears white hi-top sneakers with orange accents. He also wears this ensemble in music videos (sometimes without the blazer).

Personality and Traits[]

Minami is described as appearing unsociable and clumsy to other people, but he's a rather emotional and earnest young man. He has a tendency to talk casually in both public and professional environments, giving him an easygoing air. He also tends to be easily flustered, especially when it comes to romance.



Fellow idols. They are also in the same grade, and worked together for a music video. Prior to auditioning for said music video, he often saw the two of them on campus, but was too shy to approach them.[6] Presently, Minami is good friends with them, and when he is feeling nervous or down the two of them will do their best to encourage him.


A fellow Youtuber that Minami worked with for another music video. He fell in love with her during production, but was eventually rejected. Nakuru says that she is already dating someone, but it is shown that Nakuru suffers from a violent "toxic relationship".


Works for Terakado Entertainment like he does.[5] They don't interact much, but seem to be on good terms with each other. Unlike her interactions with LIP×LIP, she is openly supportive of Minami and is happy to be around him. He considers her a friend.


  • Minami shares a birthday with LIP×LIP, as both members of the group, much like Minami, were born on February 22.
  • The Y on his usual jacket is styled to look similar to the one in the Y!Mobile logo, as a reference to the collaboration that created his character. His color motif, red, was also likely inspired by Y!Mobile. In HoneyWorks Premium Live, his "Chiisana Lion" based units lack the Y.
  • Minami is partially based on Futenyan, the feline Y!Mobile mascot. His birthday is an aspect shared with the character, and this connection is further referenced through him playing a transformed version of Futenyan in his first appearance.
    • While Futenyan's usual voice actor is Kanji Furuhashi, Toshiyuki Toyonaga provided his voice as well as Minami's in "Chiisana Lion".
  • Though he does not appear with Futenyan outside of the initial collaboration, Minami continues to have a feline motif. His birthday is a gag on Japan's observance of National Cat Day, while the exact phrase used to describe his hair (猫っ毛, nekokke) also refers to cat hair.
  • His favorite foods are cream puffs and cheese dogs.[7]
  • He prefers singing, and thinks it's fun. [7]
  • He can play piano.[8]
  • Minami's name is "neither a given name nor a family name". [9]


  • Minami's name was made as a reference to LIP×LIP's roles in "Romeo". As the duo was referred to as "Prince of the Western Kingdom" and "Prince of the Eastern Kingdom", Minami follows the directional theming as the character for his name is used to denote "south". [9] The reading of Minami's name is also close to "nyan", the Japanese onomatopoeia for a cat's meow.[5]


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