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This page refers to Mona Narumi as a character. For Mona as a performer, refer to her idol page.
Mona Narumi
20180322 213919.jpg
Kanji 成海萌奈
Rōmaji Narumi Mona
Aliases mona
My Angel (fans, Sena)
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Age 15 - 17
Height 160 cm (5'3")[1]
Blood type AB [1]
Birthday April 24[1] (Taurus)
Relationship(s) Sena Narumi (Older Sister)
Ayako Narumi (Mother)
Yusuke Narumi (Father)
Occupation Idol, High School Student
Image Color Pink[2]
Voice Shiina Natsukawa

First Appearance
Song Kawaiiku Naritai

Mona Narumi (成海 萌奈 Narumi Mona), known by her performance mononym mona, is the younger sister of Sena Narumi and a character featured in Confession Executive Committee. She serves as a primary character in the Idol Series, but debuted as a secondary character in the Love Series. She is a solo idol professionally and a first year high school student at Misuzu High School.


Main Focus
Multiple Focus: Sis×Love


Mona is a teenage girl with short bob style blonde hair, and has blue eyes. Her resting face gives her relaxed and more stoic eyes, but she can become more animated when focused.
Outfit choice for Mona tends to skew towards a 'boyish-girly' ensemble; while her stage outfits are unmistakably feminine, her casual attire often includes practical and roomy clothes like long-sleeve shirts, shorts, and overalls.

Personality and Traits[]

Mona, for the most part, is generally very serious and stoic, though in front of her friends and fans she puts up a much sweeter front. She used to be much kinder and optimistic, however, after hearing some girls say things about how she was never going to be like her older sister, she started becoming more distant and cold, especially towards Sena. For her attitude, she finds her negative qualities to be who she is, and often focuses on them, thinking she's broken and deceitful and can't even look at herself in the mirror. However, she still works hard at her dream of being an idol and career-wise, is a hardworking young woman. She practices her idol activities whenever she gets the chance to, and despite hardship attempts to put on a brave face to perform in top condition. Despite this, she still takes those negative experiences to heart like anyone else, but realizes that she needs both good and bad experiences in order to grow as a person and as a performer. Mona has made mention of falling in love when she was younger, but because of her current aspirations as an idol she has decided to hold off on romance. She greatly appreciates support, especially coming from her fans and her family.


She is described as an idol otaku even after becoming one herself[1]. She also seems to enjoy singing.


Sena Narumi[]

Mona's older sister by three years. Sena tends to be very supportive of her and goes to her live concerts to cheer her on, which she even posts about on her Instagram. Mona in turn looks up to Sena, admiring her work in modelling and how she got to do it at such a young age. When Mona was in middle school, she and her sister promised that they'd one day become celebrities together and be able to stand on the same stage. However, after overhearing her classmates negatively comparing her to her sister, Mona tried to cut off intimacy with Sena and even broke a bracelet she had received from her. However, they reconciled after that.
Sena also shows her support by collaborating with Mona professionally when she was established as an idol. She is the one that designed Mona's angel themed outfit for one of her major concerts.


Mona is a rival idol of both Yujiro and Aizo, and she already knew about the duo before entering the music industry herself. At first she was clearly impressed by them and their popularity, something Mona wishes to achieve one day as well, as she desires to reach the hearts of her fans. However she quickly finds out the LIP×LIP singers are not quite as they appear to be, as they look upon her with disdain once she passes them backstage. While initially hurt, at both her failure at impressing the audience after her debut performance, and Yujiro's disgusted expression directed towards her, she quickly picks herself up and is determined to become a famous and successful idol.
Their relationship afterwards is a mixed bag. While they are able to put aside petty squabbles and perform well together, they often fight and get on each other's nerves. Their fighting sometimes extends to one of them breaking up the argument only to get into another one.

Yujiro Someya[]

Mona first meets Yujiro at a music shop she frequents, where they have a spat over a CD they both wanted. She found him unfair and rude, disliking his cool attitude and the fact that he walked away with the CD after winning a game of rock-paper-scissors. It's only after this incident that she realizes that he's a celebrity. Yujiro, on his own part, finds Mona equally irritating in their first encounter.
After the failure of her debut performance, Mona watches Yujiro and Aizo perform a much better received set together, and notices a disgusted look directed towards her. Believing that he was disappointed in her, Mona becomes frustrated with herself. Although she didn't know it at the time, Yujiro's expression was not meant to be malicious; he was merely sleep deprived at the time, although it was true that he didn't find her fit for the idol industry.


One of mona's rivals as an idol.
According to Watashi, Idol Sengen (manga), she is the one who ruined mona's costume in the Idol TV Show that mona attended in Fansa MV and had an extreme hatred of mona . However, it seems that she is having a difficult time performing with her idol unit Fruits☆Sugar.
In Watashi, Idol Sengen (manga) chapter 50, 51 and 52, she overheard the conversation between Sena and her staff that mona was Sena's little sister and spread the news on the internet.

Azumi Oonishi[]

Mona's manager in idol activities. Azumi has been with mona on nearly every step of her professional journey, and is considered to be one of mona's greatest supporters both as a manager and as a fellow girl.
In the very early chapters of Watashi, Idol Sengen (manga), she was said to be a fan of LIP×LIP and asked mona to get the autograph of them but sadly, mona refused it.

Taiga Terakado[]

Her superior in Terakado Production. Taiga was the person who first scouted Mona.

Midori Hamanaka[]

Sena's eventual boyfriend. Midori comes around sometimes to talk to her, and he attends her performances with Sena when he can. She formally met Midori when he was introduced to the entire Narumi family, but she didn't understand Sena's obsession with him due to not living up to the descriptions Sena gave. However, Mona does recognize how much Midori makes Sena happy, and so she secretly gives her blessing.


A member of Terakado Entertainment. Mona is often happy to see Minami and when she does interact with him, she is supportive.


An idol Mona looks up to. When they met, Mona was excited to talk with her; Mitsuki even asked Mona's idol name and remembered it. It's also Mona's dream to have a concert just like the Mitsuki's.


  • The name Mona means "bud, sprout" (萌) (mo) and "apple tree" (奈) (na).
  • Mona's surname Narumi means "become" (成) (naru) and "sea, ocean" (海) (mi).
  • From Shiawase., Narumi Mona means: "The leaf/ tree of dreams sprouts without withering."


  • The numbers on Mona's promotional Twitter handle, mona_4_24, reference her birthday, similar to LIP×LIP's Twitter handle of LIP_LIP_222.
  • Mona's interests:
    • She likes Nirvana, or the universe's equivalent to them[3].
    • Mona enjoys playing video games and drinking Monster Energy drinks.
    • Mona's favorite costume was her Fansa costume.
    • Mona's favorite animal is the Japanese dwarf flying squirrel, or Momonga for short.
    • Mona loves eating ice cream, especially vanilla and strawberry flavours. It is also confirmed in Watashi, Idol Sengen (manga) that every week she treats herself ice cream as "a reward for her hard work", Her only disliked flavour is chocomint which is the one Sena really likes.
  • Like Sena, Mona takes her hair color from her mother and her eye color from her father.
  • Sena and Mona share the same height at 160cm (5'2.9").
  • With the debut of "Fansa" officially making Mona's seiyuu Shiina Natsukawa, Mona is the third and final character to be voiced by one of the members of TrySail, following Hina Setoguchi (Momo Asakura) and Sena (Sora Amamiya).
  • Prior to her idol work, Mona was the only member of her family who wasn't performing in some way.
  • Mona ranked fifth on the first official HoneyWorks Character Poll.


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