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Watashi, Idol Sengen

Mona Narumi (成海萌奈 Narumi Mona), known by her performance name mona, is the younger sister of Sena Narumi, and serves as a secondary character in the Confession Executive Committee ~Love Series~.

Mona Narumi
20180322 213919
Kanji 成海萌奈
Rōmaji Narumi Mona
Aliases mona
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Relationship(s) Sena Narumi (Older Sister)
Occupation Idol, Student
First Appearance
Song Kawaiiku Naritai

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Main Focus

Non-Singing: Watashi Idol Sengen

Multiple Focus:

Appearance Edit

Mona is a young teenage girl with short bob style blonde hair, and has blue eyes. Her resting face gives her relaxed and more stoic eyes, but she can become more animated when focused.
She looks very similar to her older sister, but is shorter than her by a head.

Relationships Edit

Sena NarumiEdit

As Mona's older sister, she seems to be very supportive of her younger sister and goes to her live concerts to cheer her on, which she even posts about on her instagram.


Mona is a rival idol of both Yujiro and Aizo. At first she was clearly impressed by them and their popularity, something Mona wishes to achieve one day as well, as she desires to reach the hearts of her fans. However she quickly finds out the LIP×LIP singers are not quite as they appear to be, as they look upon her with disdain once she passes them backstage. While initially hurt, at both her failure at impressing the audience after her big live, and Yujiro's disgusted expression directed towards her, she quickly picks herself up and is determined to become a famous and successful Idol.


  • She shares a school uniform with Arisa's middle school acquaintance, as well as the cast of the HoneyWorks PVs "Love's Scenario" and "A Promise that Doesn't Need Words". The cast of Yurufuwa Jikkou Iinkai also uses this uniform.
  • Like Sena, Mona takes her hair color from her mother and her eye color from her father.