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The story of an honest love.
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"Am I not good enough?"
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"Namaiki Honey" is the 35th PV in the Confession Executive Committee song series. Returning focus to Ken Shibasaki and Arisa Takamizawa after their respective character songs, this song acts as their sequel. The full song was originally released at Comic Market 94 on the single Namaiki Honey/Renai Joujyuu as the A track.

The song was later properly covered by Ken's second seiyuu, Takuya Eguchi, for the third compilation album Suki Sugite Yabai. ~Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai Character Song Collection~.


While Arisa previously was hurt by what she perceived as Ken deceiving her in the previous song, she has finally worked up the nerve to begin a proper relationship with him. However, she insists that she wants to take it slow and start off as friends. Ken, happy that she wants to bond with him at all, agrees. For the rest of the song, Ken pines over her, admitting he loves her prickly and hard-to-get sides and treasuring every moment they have together. He still keeps in contact with her through LINE, and his giddiness over talking to her every night ends up freaking his younger brother out. Ken and Arisa have a small get-together one day in the park, which evolves into a date.
In the PV, the scene where Arisa stands on the steps to her shrine overlooking Ken deliberately mirrors the end of "Ijiwaru na Deai", but with the situations reversed. In "Ijiwaru", Ken is on the stairs looking down at Arisa and gives his confession; she says nothing and walks right past him, implicitly rejecting his advances. In this song, Arisa is the one giving the confession this time around and Ken is the one who doesn't respond, but when Ken goes up to meet her he embraces her and accepts her feelings.



不器用な性格 たまらなく守りたい


Ah 君がいたから 変われたんだよ




Ah 君がいるから笑えるんだよ



Ah 君は自慢の生意気ハニー

majime na koi no monogatari
honki no geemu janai suki
ijiwaru na deai wa futari no kokoro wo yurashita

tsun toshite tsurenai togetoge na ojousan
bukiyou na seikaku tamaranaku mamoritai

"suki ka kirai katte kikaretara,
tabun suki..."
kimi no seiippai no koe
myakuaride maiagaru
"demo tomodachi kara ne hajimete dakara..."
onaji nan da jitsu wa
kono kimochi wa hajimete

kyou kara no koi wa tokubetsu
honki no geemu janai suki
aserazu ni ikimashou
yukkuri jikan wo kakete

Ah kimi ga ita kara kawaretanda yo

"moshi jishin motetara kokuhaku wa watashi kara"
kimi rashisa ga kawaii
"matteru yo itsumademo"

"meutsurisuru kuse ni"
sora miage me wo sorasu
namaiki na sono kuchi ni aishiteru to iwasete yaru

nemuru mae no LINE mainichi ni naru
arubamu wa fueteku
takaramono ni natteku

mainichi ni koishiteru
honki no akiramenai suki
boku dake ga shitteru
kawaii mono suki na koto
Ah kimi ga iru kara waraerunda yo

hitome ga kininaru karatte machiawase ni naru
boku wa kimi wo jiman shitainda yo

ijiwaru na kotoba ga boku no kokoro yurasu
kaidan no ue kara hitokoto "suki sugite yabai"

futari hora tokubetsu
honki no geemu janai suki
aserazu ni ikimashou
yukkuri jikan wo kakete
Ah kimi wa jiman no namaiki hanii

This is the story of an earnest love-
Real love, not a game
The ill-tempered meeting shook the couple's hearts

A cold, hard-to-get, prickly girl
I can't help but want to protect that awkward personality
"If I had to say whether I liked or hated you,
I'd probably say I liked you."
Your voice, working its hardest,
makes my heart soar.

"But as friends, okay?! It's my first time and all..."
But the truth is, I'm the same.
I've never felt like this before

From not on, our love is special
A real love- not a game
We're in no rush, let's take our time
Ah, because you were there with me
I was able to change

"When I have more confidence, the confession will come from me!"
The way you are is so cute, I'll wait forever
"Even though you're a distraction..."
you say, but you're looking away and up at the sky
with that brazen mouth of yours

I'm going to make you say "I love you"
I'm on LINE every day now
Just before I fall asleep, my album fills up
It's become a treasure

I fall in love with you every day
A real love I won't give up on
Only I know how cute you are, the things I love about you
Ah, because you're here,
I can smile

Interested in people noticing
A rendezvous was arranged
I want to show you off

Your ill-tempered words shook my heart
Coming from the top of the stairs, I heard
"I like you so much, it's scary!"

Us two are special
It's real love, not a game
We're in no rush
Let's take our time
Ah, you are my prideful, brazen honey

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  • "Namaiki Honey" is the first Confession Executive Committee song since "Tokyo Summer Session" in 2015 to have had its official PV use the Vocaloid version of its song.
  • The PV for this song is the only one of the Confession Executive Committee series to not include lyrics in the video. Curiously enough, its -another story- does include the lyrics for both it and this song, as is the usual case.
  • This is the first of Ken's audio content to use his second seiyuu, Takuya Eguchi's, vocals.
  • In "Samishigari ya", Ken admits that he's wearing Aizo's clothes during the date sequence in this video.