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Kanji 榎本 夏樹
Rōmaji Enomoto Natsuki
Aliases Nacchan (Miou, Akari)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Age 17 (3rd Year High School)
24 (Tokyo Autumn Session)
Height 161 cm (5′3″)
Blood type O
Birthday June 27 (Cancer)
Relationship(s) Kotaro Enomoto (younger brother)
Yu Setoguchi (childhood friend -> fiancee)
Hina Setoguchi (childhood friend -> sister-in-law)
Occupation High School Student
Japanese Haruka Tomatsu

Special Rikako Nagino (Stage Play)
First Appearance
Song Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu
Novel Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu (novel)
Anime Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita. ~Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai~

Natsuki Enomoto (榎本 夏樹 Enomoto Natsuki) is a character featured in Confession Executive Committee. She is one of the primary characters of the Love Series and a student at Sakuragaoka High School. She is the focus character of Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu, and the heroine of the first movie.


Main Focus

Appearance Edit

Natsuki is an average height young woman with medium breasts, brown eyes and hair.

She wears the Sakuragaoka High School uniform with a blazer, necktie, and sweater vest, and red gym pants under her skirt, which stay even when she switches to the summer uniform. She has her hair in a messy bun at the top of her head, which goes down to her back when undone.

Personality and ActionsEdit


Natsuki is a energetic, passionate and loud girl who has a very active and tomboyish personality. She's not very good at activities usually considered feminine, like cooking or applying makeup, but she wants to improve at them for herself and for the sake of a relationship with Yu.

She's a very emphatic person, but a lot of the time she's oblivious to the feelings of others. Although in love with Yu, she takes for granted that they've known each other for years and didn't stop to think about his feelings when she hangs out with Koyuki or Haruki. She doesn't think much of Koyuki's intention to take her out to something she likes, thinking that his intentions were completely platonic, though she does get genuinely upset when she realizes his feelings. When both men's feelings come out into the open, she doesn't know how to take it and cries, believing she's helpless for not stopping them and not understanding them.

Her insecurities do get the better of her at points. She often compares herself to Miou and Akari in terms of what to be as girls and as fellow artists, given that they're always winning critical reception and Natsuki is very small time. She tries to hold herself to standards she can't reach and doesn't know what she wants out of life. When touching upon subjects with heavy weight to them, she dances around ideas by shifting the conversation to something else, and saves the conversation for a later date.


Natsuki loves to read manga, and shoujo and gag manga in particular[1]. She bonds with Koyuki because of their similar tastes in manga, and borrow from each other so they can talk about their favorite subjects. On the side, she draws comics  and posts them online, basing it off of people she knows (i.e. the male lead supposedly looks and acts like Yu). She does everything for it, from the drawings to the manuscript.

Relationships Edit

Yu Setoguchi Edit

The Setoguchi and Enomoto families have been neighbors since Yu and Natsuki were children, so they grew up together as childhood friends. Yu in particular is Natsuki's longtime crush, and she had been meaning to convey her feelings to him somehow over the years, but when she confesses, she always says it was a so called confession rehearsal. She soon was able to confess to him and are currently dating.

She and Yu share a playful friendship, with her being overexcited while Yu is more coolheaded with her. He likes to look out for her happiness, so he'll often support her ideas even if he has some objections to it. They begin dating after Confession Rehearsal, but their relationship largely remains the same even after that.

Sota MochizukiEdit

Another childhood friend of Natsuki's, Sota is often the subject of teasing by her, and is nicknamed "Mochita" for his jealous tendencies. Natsuki even knows about Sota's crush on Akari and tries to help him with it.

Akari HayasakaEdit

Natsuki first meets Akari in Sakuragaoka High School, making her one of the only people in her friend group that she hasn't known since childhood. She's usually the one most invested in how Natsuki's love dilemma goes. Attends Art Club with her as a member and has insecurities about her art compared to herself.

Miou AidaEdit

Like Akari, Natsuki didn't interact with Miou until high school started where they attend Art Club with the girl.

Haruki SerizawaEdit

Haruki is Natsuki's childhood friend who get along pleasantly, to the point where Yu thinks that Natsuki was doing her practice rehearsals for him and Akari and Sota mistook their interactions for an actual romance. As friends, they can acknowledge each other's weaknesses in romance and in life.

During the Confession Rehearsal arc, Haruki asks Natsuki to help him practice confessing as well, so he can gain the courage to express his feelings to Miou. Unfortunately, Sota and Akari listen in during one of these sessions and convince themselves that Haruki had feelings for Natsuki.

Koyuki AyaseEdit

Koyuki met Natsuki in middle school, and continues going to the same school as her when they enter secondary. They're not particularly close, but they are on friendly terms with each other. Koyuki has a crush on her because she continued to be friendly with him even when he was getting picked on for his weak constitution and girly looks.

By late third  year, he's given himself a big makeover to impress her, and although she does find him more attractive after the change, she still pursues Yu. Koyuki takes her on a date to something she likes, which she doesn't take it as, and ends up in an intense situation with him at the end of it. She's overwhelmed by the intense emotions between Yu and Koyuki, and walks home crying. She didn't understand why he had been so aggressive with herself and with Yu, but at the very least they talk about it after a couple of weeks and leave high school on good terms.

Kotaro Enomoto Edit

Kotaro is Natsuki's younger brother by two years who are close as siblings, but they have a tendency to get on each other's nerves and bicker loudly and obnoxiously. However, Natsuki is very supportive of Kotaro, and tries to cheer him on in his various activities or tease him about his crush on Hina.

Hina SetoguchiEdit

Like Yu, Hina is one of Natsuki's childhood friends due to being neighbors, and is younger than her by two years. They have a sisterly bond as a result, and Natsuki often comes by her house to play games with her.


  • Her name Natsuki means "summer" (夏) (natsu) and "tree" (樹) (ki).
  • Natsuki started wearing gym pants under her skirt because her friends encouraged her to.


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