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Ryou Ogino (扇野りょう, Ogino Ryou) is a secondary character in the Confession Executive Committee ~Love Series~. She is a student at Sakuragaoka High School, and a love interest of Koyuki Ayase.

Ryo Ogino
Ryou honeywoks
Kanji 扇野りょう
Rōmaji Ogino Ryō
Hair color Dark Purple
Eye color Brown
Relationship(s) Hiro Ogino (Teacher, Older Brother)
Occupation Soccer Player; High School student
First Appearance
Song Tokyo Winter Session
Main Focus
Solo: Ren'ai Joujyuu


Multiple Focus:
Nostalgic Rainfall・Tokyo Winter Session

Appearance Edit

Ogino has deep purple hair, short and coming up to her neck with two long sidelocks in the front. Her eyes are a medium brown. Her Sakuragaoka uniform is worn without a vest underneath.
From what we see in her illustrated appearances, she appears to be the tallest female of the teenage cast, given that she's about a head taller than Koyuki Ayase (163 cm) in her appearance in Tokyo Winter Session's PV.

Personality Edit

Ogino appears to be a personable, cheerful person. Younger year girls flock to her for her cool personality, and while she does appreciate it, she's somewhat offput.


Ogino is on Sakuragaoka's soccer team, and is labelled the ace.

Relationships Edit

Koyuki Ayase Edit

Acquainted with him and seems to hold deep affection for him.

Hiro Ogino Edit

Her older brother and teacher in Sakuragaoka. She has a good relationship with him, but was mistaken for being in a romantic relationship with him by a teacher.