Saku Akechi

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Kanji 明智 咲
Rōmaji Akechi Saku
Aliases Saku-nii (Haruki)
Hair color Black
Eye color Grey
Height 183 cm (6′0″)
Blood type O
Birthday May 29th (Gemini)
Relationship(s) San Akechi (Cousin)
Occupation Japanese Teacher, overseer of the Film Club
Japanese Hikaru Midorikawa

Special Yū Yoshioka (Stage Play)
First Appearance
Song Inokori Sensei
Anime Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita. -Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai-

Saku Akechi (明智 咲 Akechi Saku) is a secondary character in the Confession Executive Committee ~Love Series~. He serves as a Japanese teacher in Sakuragaoka High School, and is also a respected peer among the students.


Main Focus
Solo: Inokori Sensei


Multiple Focus: Love-Hate Majority

Appearance Edit

Saku is a mature looking adult, with his calm expressions and small, neutral grey eyes. At 183cm, he's the tallest of both the male cast and the overall cast, and is about a head taller than Yu. He usually wears a white lab coat over his suit, no matter the time of day. Hair is black and shaggy, has terrible posture.
As a teenager, he goes to Sakuragaoka High and wears its uniform with the blazer open. His hair was shorter and slightly neater than it is at present, but on the whole he doesn't look much different than he does now.

Personality and Actions Edit

Saku is considered to be an admirable teacher by most of his students for his cool head and his stoic personality. He has a habit of giving his various students advice whenever they're stuck, many of them koans from various Japanese texts, and applies them to their situations. His laid-back attitude also allows him to approach the students easily.
Where his internal conflict is concerned, Akechi has some problems looking back on the past, considering that he's still guilty about the death of his best friend. He never shows it at school, at least visibly, but Inokori Sensei does show that he's uncomfortable confronting Haruki because of it.
As a teenager in high school, his personality was comparable to Yu's; while he appears to be more put together and coolheaded compared to his friends, he still had his own teenage wants and desires. His middle school self is much different, being withdrawn and unwilling to talk to others until Chiaki came along. Following Chiaki's death, he seems to revert back to stoicism.


In adulthood, he takes up a habit of smoking. he's been trying to cut back down on it for personal reasons and because he's a teacher, so he substitutes it with lollipops in between cigarettes.
As a teenager, he used to tutor Haruki along with playing with him.

Relationships Edit

Haruki SerizawaEdit

Family friend, through Serizawa's brother. Often played with him when Haruki was a child and tutored him. They're close enough for Haruki to call him "Sake-nii", but Akechi tries and fails to put a barrier around them at school.

Chiaki SerizawaEdit

Best Friends. They hung out together in high school and seemed to be very close with each other. Chiaki drowned and Akechi couldn't save him, leading him to feel incredible guilt over the boy's death.

Miou AidaEdit

Student in Sakuragaoka and on decent terms with her. She later becomes his junior when she joins Sakuragaoka faculty after she graduates.

Yu SetoguchiEdit

Knows him through the Film Club. Acts as his supervisor.

Sota MochizukiEdit

Knows him through the Film Club. Gives him advice so that he can go ahead and do the things that he planned on doing, though he had no idea Sota was talking about confessing to a girl he liked.

Trivia Edit

  • Saku balances out his smoking habits by eating three lollipops for every two cigarettes.
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