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shito is one of the founding members of HoneyWorks and one of the core members. He and Gom serve as the primary composers for the circle, with shito contributing the most to composition for both the circle and the Confession Executive Committee series.


shito began uploading on Niconico Douga in 2007 as a musician and cover artist before he was a composer. Along with future HoneyWorks member Oji (then known as Kaizoku Ou), most of shito's early uploads were guitar and bass covers of various rock songs and songs popular on Niconico at the time. For most of that period, shito switched between referring to himself as "shito" and "Chorisu". He was also, for a time, the bassist of a small-time band named "Mebius". shito still plays bass at present, and will perform as a member of the HoneyWorks band.
He began composing and writing lyrics for HoneyWorks in 2010, beginning with their debut work "Lolibaba wa Koi wo Shita", under the name "Chorisu-P". His first solo composition for the group, "Pajamakko ", would not be until a year later. shito has since co-written and composed most of HoneyWorks' discography alongside Gom.





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