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"Terekakushi Shinshunki" is the fifth song of the Love Series and the eighth PV released in the Confession Executive Committee discography overall. This installment acts as a side story, focusing on Yu and Hina Setoguchi's relationship and childhood.

This song was first commercially featured in Hatsune Miku Project mirai 2, and later received a version sung by Yu Setoguchi's seiyuu Hiroshi Kamiya for the first CEC compilation album Boku Ja Dame Desu Ka? ~Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai Character Song Collection~.


For as long as they've been siblings, Yu and Hina have been stuck together like glue. Hina is spoiled rotten in their household, given that she has full access to Yu's games, his attention, and his space. However, being the older brother, Yu can't help but dote on Hina despite her sometimes getting on his nerves.
The subplot of the PV focuses on Hina's unusual behavior throughout the days. Yu catches her putting on makeup, trying to look nice, and wonders why she's putting up the effort. It's only at the end that we see the answer - she's shown crying over a picture of her and another boy (her senpai Koyuki Ayase) taken in middle school, apparently heartbroken, while quickly flashing back to her trying to look good for him, his closeness with Natsuki Enomoto and obliviousness to her own crush, and what appears to be a confession. As yet another gesture of brotherly affection, Yu decides to cheer Hina up, and takes her outside to hang out.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
化粧してる?ガキのくせに keshou shiteru? gaki no kuse ni
色気づいちゃってちょっと違和感 iroke zuichatte chotto iwakan
彼氏でもできたのか? kareshi demo dekita no ka?
そんな妄想 Sunday sonna mousou Sunday

お気に入りのパーカー okiniiri no paakaa
それ部屋着にしちゃってくれてますが sore heyagi ni shichatte kure te masuga
お下がりにも慣れっ子になっちゃってんだ osagari nimo narekko ni natchatten da

「使用、許可だ」って甘やかしてさ “shiyou, kyouka da” tte amayakashite sa
イタズラ笑顔に負けて itazura egao ni makete
交じりっけ無し思春期 majirikke nashi shishunki
知らん顔で僕を惑わす shirankao de boku o madowasu

変わらないね泣き顔 kawaranai ne nakigao
余裕で負けちゃうよ yoyuu de make chau yo
嘘じゃないってマジ顔 uso janaitte majigao
言葉にするのは恥ずかしいんだ kotoba ni suru nowa hazukashiin da

「ついてくんな」遠ざけてた “tsuitekunna” toozaketeta
真似してフード深く株って mane shite fuudo fukaku kabutte
幼かった二つの手繋いで歩けなくて osanakatta futatsu no te tsunaide arukenakute

お気に入りのおもちゃもだね okiniiri no omocha mo dane
壊され三日口も利かずに kowasare mikka kuchi mo kikazu ni
怒られても意地っ張りなっちゃっていた okorarete mo ijippari natchatteita

「しょうがないな」って今なら言える? "shouganai na" tte imanara ieru?
素直な言葉に変えて sunao na kotoba ni kaete
照れ隠し反抗期 terekakushi hankouki
知らん顔で無邪気に笑う shirankao de mujaki ni warau

変わらないね明日も kawaranai ne ashita mo
未来も当てちゃうよ mirai mo atechau yo
嘘じゃないってマジ顔 uso janaitte majigao
ずっとね隣でいつも見てた zutto ne tonari de itsumo miteta

オトナだってフリしたり otona datte furi shitari
コドモだってフリしたり kodomo datte furi shitari
変わらないで泣き顔 kawaranai de nakigao
たまには悪くない tama ni wa warukunai

さあ言葉にするから saa kotoba ni suru kara
「大切だよ」これからも "taisetsu dayo" kore kara mo
変わらないね明日も kawaranai ne ashita mo
ずっとね隣でいつも見てる zutto ne tonari de itsumo miteru

Putting on make-up though you're just a kid?
You getting to that age feels kind of wrong …
Could she actually have a boyfriend?
It's that kind of "what-if" Sunday.

Thank you for using
my favourite parka around the house—
but then you're used to hand-me-downs.

"Permission to use, granted," I spoil you,
losing to your mischievous smile.
In adolescence we don't act like friends.
You trip me with an innocent face.

Your crying face never changes, does it?
I lose by a long shot.
To say "it's for real" out loud
with a straight face would be embarrassing.

"Don't follow us," I said, keeping my distance
when you copy me and pull up your hood,
since when we were young, no way I'd take you by the hand.

Then there was my favourite toy.
You kept quiet about breaking it for three whole days
and were obstinate even after I got mad at you.

Now at last am I able to say, "It can't be helped"?
Saying it frankly,
it's a rebellious phase where you hide your embarrassment,
and you smile sweetly with an innocent face.

We won't change, right? Tomorrow,
in the future, still at each other.
A serious face that says I'm not kidding.
I've always been watching you by your side.

Kids acting grown-up,
grown-up and acting like kids.
Don't ever change; your crying face
isn't so bad once in a while.

Alright, I'll say it out loud,
"You mean a lot to me."
We'll always be like this, won't we? Tomorrow
and onwards I'll keep watching you by your side.

Translation by Renna and ElectricRaichu



  • In Project mirai 2, the song is Len's token song as it is here, but KAITO is given an alternate vocal track. The hoodies Hina and Yu wear look similar to the ones featured in the game and have a yellow or blue lining, referencing both characters.