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Yamako (ヤマコ) is a core member of HoneyWorks, and the circle's primary illustrator. She also does most of the art for Confession Executive Committee.


Yamako has had illustrations put up since 2009 at the earliest. Most of the art at the time was fanart of various copyrights, which helped establish her when she began doing artwork for PVs.
Concerning HoneyWorks, Yamako was the first of the three main illustrators to join the circle, beginning at HoneyWorks's inception in 2010. Her illustrations for the circle extend to comics, light novels, and merchandise. She was the primary illustrator for the Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu series novels up until Daikirai na Hazu Datta., as well as the novelizations of the Love&Hate trilogy (Suki Kirai) and Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru.
Besides this work, she has also done the art for various Vocaloid PVs as well as provided the box art illustration for the Vocaloid V3 release of the vocal synthesizer flower. Her art is also found on many EXIT MUSIC PUBLISHING compilations of Vocaloid songs, as well as the covers of utaite CDs.
Outside of the Vocaloid scene, she was the primary illustrator of the first three volumes of the light novel series Kasuga Koukou Manga Kenkyuubu, and is the main illustrator for CHiCO with HoneyWorks. She also provided 2D representations of the cast of Aoharu Kokou Year 3 Class C, some illustrations for the Dolce idol series, and the character designs of ASCANA (including their debut PV "Yowamushi-tachi no Sekaiseifuku" and the design of their manager Riku Maeda) or of the virtual personality Isshuken [1].
Together, Yamako, Mogelatte, and Rocoru form the brand Zeropty (also associated with HoneyWorks), beginning in 2016, and latteism with only her and Mogelatte.

Contributions to Confession Executive Committee[]

PV Illustration



Lyrical composition




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  • Before joining HoneyWorks, Yamako had been following Gom's work for a while and was approached by him. [2]
  • Her current Pixiv icon is actually a storyboard of a scene from the PV of "Ai no Scenario".[3][4]


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