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Yujiro(勇次郎), full name Yujiro Someya[1] (染谷勇次郎 Someya Yuujirou) , is a character in the Confession Executive Committee ~Love Series~ and a member of LIP×LIP. He is a Sakuragaoka High School student in Class 1-4 during the secondary cast's second high school year.

Yujiro Someya
Yujiro koiiro
Kanji 染谷勇次郎
Rōmaji Someya Yūjirō
Hair color Blue-Grey
Eye color Blue-Grey
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 161cm
Blood type B
Birthday February 22 (Pisces)
Occupation Idol; High School Student
Japanese Kouki Uchiyama
First Appearance
Song Koi-Iro ni Sake
Anime Suki ni Naru Sono Shunkan wo. ~Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai~ (cameo)

Songs Edit

Main Focus


Yujiro has short, dark blue hair with bangs cut in a diagonal, asymmetrical fashion and a few hairs sticking up, and matching blue eyes. Before he became a part of LIP×LIP, he had a bob haircut that came down to his mid-neck, but the bangs remained the same.
In his LIP×LIP costumes, he wears a lipstick mark on the left side of his neck, or generally on the left side of his body.

Personality and ActionsEdit

Yujiro, for his public appearances, is described as "refreshing, kind, and cool"[2]. When it comes to socializing, he is polite and friendly to whoever he talks to, making them feel at ease. His behind-the-scenes persona is a much different character; he wears his disdain on his sleeve when he wants to make himself known, but he won't say it out loud.
According to some key background information, he seems to come from a history of traditional Japanese theater. He doesn't look to be comfortable in it, however.
Given his appearance at a police station in his first vomic appearance, he also seems to get in trouble with the authorities often, but ignores his manager when she scolds him.


Hiyori SuzumiEdit

A schoolmate at Sakuragaoka. Hiyori's first impression of Yujiro was not very good, as she saw him near a police station being scolded by his manager. Despite finding him scary at first, she warms up to him after they properly introduce themselves to each other on the first day of school. She quickly changes her mind after she sees him snap at her.


In his unit group. The two perform excellently together, but their off-stage chemistry seems to be strained, for they fight and argue often. However, the two do know when the other is hurting, and they both make genuine efforts to uplift them if they can.

Sena NarumiEdit

Has worked with her on occasion. They starred together in the "Romeo" music video, but their relationship is purely professional.

Mona NarumiEdit

A rival idol in Yujiro's profession. He doesn't hold very high regard for the idol, given his scornful look at her when she under-performed at a concert. Beyond this, they have minimal interaction.


  • His birthday and Aizo's birthday are on the same date (February 22).
  • Of his idol duo, Yujiro is shown to be the better singer, but has less flexibility than his partner.
  • He prefers dogs to cats.
  • As of 2019, Yujiro has yet to obtain a solo or a song from his perspective, along with Aizo, Hiyori Suzumi, and Kodai Yamamoto.


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